increased revenues in 2007

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<p><strong>Minneapolis &mdash; Jan. 8</strong><br /> had another banner year in 2007 by increasing revenues to core existing products, such as job postings and targeted e-mails, and introducing successful new products, such as cell phone text messaging. Preliminary accounting reports indicate that revenues in 2007 were 69 percent higher than in 2006, and net income was up by 114 percent. In addition, since 2003, revenues have increased by 789 percent and net income by 1,978 percent.<br /><br />”Over the past few years, we&rsquo;ve been blessed by a reasonably healthy employment market, strong job seeker traffic and satisfied employer and consumer marketing clients,” said Steven Rothberg, president and founder of “We focused a lot of our attention and resources on building our brand and traffic during the labor market slump of late 2001, into 2003. Those efforts began to pay off as the economy rebounded and employers began not only to hire again but to hire a lot more of the college students and recent graduates that we serve. Over the past few years, our growing and highly capable team has driven a significant increase in the amount of business that we&#39;re doing with many long-term clients, added a large number of new clients and diversified our product offerings in such a way that we were able to greatly increase our revenues but increase our profitability at an even faster clip. For example, our cell phone text messaging product went from essentially not existing in 2006 to being one of our largest producers of revenues and profitability in 2007. But even though the financials would make any owner happy, the real treat for me is to be able to work with such a great team and so many great clients.”<br /><br /> projects continued healthy growth to its top and bottom line numbers during the coming year in large part because of the number and significance of technology-related changes it has and will soon implement. Many of the changes in place already are producing greater value for the clients of at a lower cost. expects similarly positive results from the changes not yet in place. </p>

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