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<strong>Minneapolis &mdash; April 13</strong><br />, a job board for college students hunting for internships and recent graduates looking for entry level jobs and other career opportunities, announced it has become one of the first job boards and the first college job board to create a fully functional, mobile Web site at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br /><br />"We decided a few years ago that the future of the Internet was mobile, but we felt until recently that the significant investment in building and maintaining a second version of our Web site was not yet worth it," said Steven Rothberg, founder of <br /><br />"We knew that the mobile Web had reached critical mass when Nielson Media reported that more than 40 million U.S. residents access the Web on their cell phones. And given that our primary audience are college students, recent graduates and alumni, we also knew that a higher percentage of our tech-savvy audience would be mobile Web users than the audience for general job boards or the niche boards, which target by industry or geography."<br /><br />Visitors to the mobile job board will find a fully functional job board. All of the articles, blogs, job postings and other content on also run on Many other job boards that claim to be mobile, however, aren&#39;t truly mobile because candidates who find job postings of interest on those other sites aren&#39;t able to apply to the jobs right away. Instead, their users first must find the job on the mobile site, then e-mail a link to the job to themselves, go to a computer and then apply to the job. <br /><br />" is truly mobile," said Rothberg. "Candidates search the job database on their cell phones just like they&#39;re on their computers. They read the job postings on their mobiles just like they&#39;re on their computers. And they can apply to the job postings on their mobiles just like they&#39;re on their computers. There&#39;s no need to e-mail a link. If a job is posted at 9 a.m. and they find it at 9:10 a.m., they can apply to it at 9:10 a.m. and be the first candidate to apply rather than e-mailing it to themselves and then not being able to do anything until they can get to their computer."<br /><br />Candidates understand that a delay of a day or two or even hours can make the difference between landing that all important first interview or being put into the black hole of an applicant tracking system. Those who apply early stand a better chance of being hired than those who apply later, and the mobile job board makes it both possible and easy to apply first. <br /><br />In these difficult economic times, every edge matters and is thrilled to be at the leading edge of helping college students, recent graduates and alumni get every edge they deserve. <br />

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