CollegeGrad.Com Names Top 25 Cities for Jobs

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<p><strong>Milwaukee &mdash; March 30</strong><br />As members of the class of 2007 finalizes their post-graduation plans, announces the Top 25 cities for entry-level job openings. </p><p>The list represents more than 34,000 jobs for entry-level job seekers. </p><p>New York and Los Angeles top the list for cities with the most entry-level job openings. </p><p>Houston, San Francisco and Philadelphia round out the top five. </p><p>New York, the largest city on the list, accounts for about 3,300 entry-level jobs, while Los Angeles accounts for about 2,800.</p><p>Miami, Chicago, Tampa, Dallas and St. Louis round out the top 10, all with more than 1,600 entry-level jobs.<br /><br />&quot;I always recommend that entry-level job seekers take note of cities with hot job markets and remain open to relocation to those areas,&quot; said Brian Krueger, president. &quot;Being willing to relocate can open up significant opportunities that may not be available in their local area.&quot;<br /><br />Entry-level job seekers consistently are answering that call. In annual surveys, typically has found more than 90 percent of college grad job seekers are willing to relocate.<br /><br />But before taking the leap, Krueger advises considering additional factors. </p><p>&quot;Understanding the local cost of living is an important consideration when deciding to relocate,&quot; Krueger said. &quot;It can be particularly useful in salary negotiations, when comparing similar jobs in different cities.&quot;<br /><br />To help in determining local living costs, offers an online Cost-of-Living Wizard tool to help job seekers compare the cost of living and salaries for different cities.<br /><br />Krueger also recommends job seekers research the population density, climate, traffic, local taxes and the city&#39;s overall culture. </p><p>&quot;This is where you&#39;re going to live and work, so take the time to find out all you can about your new potential home before making commitments,&quot; Krueger said.</p><p>The Top 25 cities list was generated based on the number of entry-level jobs posted at; </p>

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