Announces Most Employable Majors for 2008 Grads

<strong>State College, Pa. &mdash; May 22</strong><br />In the midst of what many consider to be a difficult employment economy, college students, recent grads and parents all wonder exactly who is being hired. Just in time for graduation,, an entry-level job site, announced the most employable majors at all levels for 2008 college grads.<br /><br />The results of the 2008 Top Entry Level Employers Survey show that accounting is the most sought-after major for 2008. Employers project accounting students and grads will comprise 23 percent of entry-level hires, 30 percent of internship hires and 24 percent of master&rsquo;s-level hires in 2008. <br /><br />According to this year&#39;s survey results, the top five majors being hired for entry-level positions are:<br /><br />1. Accounting &ndash; 23 percent<br />2. All engineering &ndash; 13 percent <br />3. Marketing &ndash; 11 percent<br />4. Computer science &ndash; 10 percent <br />5. Business administration &ndash; 9 percent<br /><br />While no single engineering degree made it into the Top 5 list, collectively, engineering majors came in at No. 2 and will account for nearly 13 percent of entry-level hires in 2008. The top engineering degree was electrical engineering, at 3.5 percent, followed closely by mechanical engineering at 3.2 percent. <br /><br />Why are these highly skilled degrees so employable? According to, positions in industries such as accounting and engineering require a defined skill set, typically met only by specific majors. Combine that with the sheer number and size of companies in these industries, and there will be…



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