CohesiveFT Delivers Elastic Servers to Skytap’s Cloud-Based Platform

<p><strong>Chicago and Seattle</strong><br />CohesiveFT, providers of the Elastic Server Platform, an on-demand service for dynamic assembly and deployment of virtual machines, and Skytap, a provider of cloud-based virtualization solutions, announced a technology partnership to distribute CohesiveFT&rsquo;s Elastic Servers to Skytap&rsquo;s Virtual Lab platform. <br /><br />The combined solution will provide application development and test teams the capability to dynamically assemble and deploy custom application stacks to a virtual test cloud, freeing them from time-consuming build and setup tasks and the constraints of traditional test-lab environments. <br /><br />As a first step in the partnership, Elastic Server-branded virtual machines will be available as templates in the Skytap Library for deployment to Skytap&#39;s Virtual Lab environment. The Skytap Library includes prebuilt virtual machine images of common operating systems, servers and applications. </p><p>With the addition of virtual machine images generated by Elastic Server, Skytap Virtual Lab users have access to these custom images on demand, eliminating the assembly of application stacks &ldquo;by hand.&rdquo;<br /><br />&ldquo;Development and test teams are on the leading edge of exploiting cloud-based virtual infrastructure to deliver tangible results to the business in terms of a more agile delivery platform and reduced costs,&rdquo; said Scott Roza, chief executive officer of Skytap. &ldquo;Adding Elastic Server virtual images to the Skytap Library demonstrates how combining cloud-based services can deliver significant value and productivity gains to customers.&rdquo; <br /><br />&ldquo;Both Cohesive FT and Skytap share the vision of how cloud-computing services will accelerate the adoption of virtualization by companies looking to streamline their…



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