Cobent-Pennant Agreement Delivers End-To-End

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<p>Cobent and Pennant Information Services Ltd. have entered into an agreement that will help Cobent expand its reach within the defense and government sectors and expand its e-learning content development capability. It also will enable Pennant to expand its solutions and services to customers by leveraging Cobent&rsquo;s learning management products and expertise.</p><p>The agreement with Pennant is part of Cobent&rsquo;s strategy to develop relationships with organizations that help cultivate new channels to market, expand product offering and break into new markets and sectors.<br /><br />Chris Snook, Pennant&rsquo;s CEO, said: &ldquo;Our expertise is predominantly in developing content for our customers. Working with Cobent gives us a complimentary partner by providing a tried and tested learning content platform. <br /><br />&ldquo;Our customers benefit because not only will they have our high-quality content, but we can also provide them with the tools and knowledge for delivering that content in the most efficient and cost effective method to their staff.&rdquo;<br /><br />Howard Sears, Cobent&rsquo;s CEO, said: &ldquo;This is a significant and strategic agreement for Cobent because it will help us bring learning management products and consultancy services to markets &mdash; especially in government, defense, aerospace and oil and gas &mdash; that are difficult to enter. The combination of Pennant&rsquo;s content and content creation capabilities and Cobent&rsquo;s experience in learning management and delivery offers customers a very powerful and comprehensive solution.&rdquo;<br /><br />Under the agreement, Pennant will be able to incorporate Cobent&rsquo;s Learning Compliance Suite (LCS) as part of an end-to-end solution for its customers, and Cobent will get access to Pennant&rsquo;s content creation services to enhance its proposition to customers.<br /><br />The Cobent Learning Compliance Suite (LCS) is a powerful set of modules designed to make enterprise wide learning easier to manage and control. <br /><br />LCS is a browser-based application that provides fully functional learning, content and training management, offering organizations the necessary tools to quickly and cost-effectively create, distribute and track training activities online and offline. LCS consists of advanced tools that have been built in line with global compliance standards and in consultation with training managers, compliance managers and other business professionals who deliver and manage training daily. <br /></p>

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