CMIT Solutions Cites Data Backup Plan as Customers’ Top Concern

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<strong>Austin, Texas &mdash; March 3</strong><br />It&#39;s a common situation. A tornado, hurricane or storm strikes a town, business computer systems fail and then businesses scurry to get their systems back and running as soon as possible to retrieve company data, and &mdash; perhaps more importantly &mdash; to continue services for its customers. What is the single most important question you would ask your IT provider regarding computer system disaster recovery and data backup?<br /><br />That was the question that CMIT Solutions recently asked its customers as part of their "Ask Campaign." The technology and IT services provider sent an e-mail to its QuickTips subscribers asking this very question, and in effect, customers answered with a myriad of responses they said would be their top concerns if a disaster were to occur.<br /><br />"The feedback we received from our customers was quite interesting. The responses spanned from, &lsquo;What is the best data backup and recovery solution?&rsquo; to &#39;How do I get my system back and running as soon as possible, and as affordable as possible?&#39;" said Jeff Connally, president and CEO of CMIT Solutions. <br /><br />According to CMIT Solutions, the top five questions asked by small business owners included:<br /><br /><ul><li>How should I back up my data? </li><li>Which data do I need to back up? </li><li>How long does it take to recover the data if necessary? </li><li>How secure is an off-site data back up? </li><li>What all is involved in a disaster recovery plan?</li></ul><br />"This campaign really adds on to our overall mission to make technology work better for our customers. We try to find different ways where we can really delve into what our customers&#39; concerns are," Connally added. "CMIT Solutions provides IT consulting and computer support services so businesses no longer have to worry about IT headaches, such as those that can occur during a disaster."<br /><br />Whether it&#39;s removing spyware from company servers or helping companies develop software solutions to handle growth, Connally said, CMIT Solutions knows the challenges facing small business owners. <br /><br />It will be referencing the more than 700 responses it received from all of its customers throughout the country during the teleseminar scheduled for March 27 at 2 p.m. CT. CMIT Solutions franchisees will be attending the seminar to gain invaluable information on their customers&#39; opinions in an effort to better their business and service. <br />

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