CIW Now Covered in GI Bill Benefits

Veterans of the U.S. military who are interested in a Web-related career can now pursue one of the top certifications in this sector and have it funded via the G.I. Bill. VCampus Corp., owner of Prosoft Learning, recently announced that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) approved 12 exams of the vendor-neutral Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) as being eligible for G.I. Bill education benefits.

“We solicited (the VA Department),” said James Stanger, Ph.D., vice president of certification and product development at Prosoft Learning. “We knew this was something that was available. Through VCampus — they have a lot of really good connections to the government — we basically got started. We’ve been looking into CIW for VA Affairs for some time. Once we got together with VCampus, they kind of pinged us on it. We’ve worked with the community colleges on this, because you have to be going through some institution to take advantage of this.”

The VA education benefits are effective retroactively to June 1, 2005. Veterans eligible for benefits through the Montgomery G.I. Bill (Chapter 30), the Veterans Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 32), and the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 35) can submit proof of their exam results and fee payment to the VA for reimbursement of the CIW exam fees, which are currently $125 per test. Their eligibility applies regardless of the number of exams they take or retake, and includes tests taken for certification renewal. Also, the benefit is still valid even if…



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