Citrix Updates Two Certifications

Citrix has announced it will update its Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) and Citrix Certified Integration Architect (CCIA) credentials for its Access Suite 4 products. As a result, two cutting-edge exams—one for each program—will be released this year.

“We’ve revamped these programs,” said Julieann Scalisi, director of Citrix Education. “They’ve been released previously for other versions of our Citrix Access Suite products, but we’ve revamped them based on changes in our products and feedback from our customers who have attended the training and taken our certification exams in the past. We have made it more difficult, and we’ve added some exciting new components to the program. For example, for the (CCEA) course, in both tracks there’s a workshop. The course is called ‘The Citrix Access Suite Build-Test Workshop.’ Seventy-five percent of the class time is now hands-on with the computers and our entire suite of products.”

The CCIA and CCEA certifications serve different job roles involved with Citrix products, but are both at about the same level in terms of difficulty and skill level, Scalisi explained. “It depends on what the needs are. In some people’s minds, the CCIA is a higher-level (certification), by virtue of the title of it: architect. The CCIA program provides the tools that candidates need to go in and analyze a customer’s existing environment and identify Citrix products that can best meet that customer’s needs. They’re able to design a solution that includes all of the Citrix products that address the business challenges…



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