Citrix to Realign Cert Program

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Citrix has announced it will restructure its certification program so that all future credentials the company releases will be closely aligned to a particular product. This news comes in the wake of Citrix’s rollout of two new Certified Administrator-level certification tracks: Presentation Server 4.0 and Password Manager 4.0, both of which are part of the new Access Suite 4.0.


“We changed our CCA-level certification to be product-specific,” said Melissa Hopkins, senior manager of Citrix’s education portfolio. “Everything’s out, and people can go take them. We’ve preliminarily announced our CCEA as well. There will be changes to the CCEA certifications for 4.0. Those requirements are currently available on our Web site.”


One of the main reasons behind this restructuring of Citrix’s certification program is that the company wants to provide IT professionals with the most relevant and focused training possible. The updates have been based on phone and paper job-task analyses conducted by the company, Hopkins said. “We did a full survey of the tasks an administrator needs to do. We did that by product. When we did that research, the information that came back was that this was what people were looking for.”


She added that the certification realignment also would better support the company’s objectives with regards to its position in the IT infrastructure market. “The reason why we’re going through all of this is because we’re continuing to grow and adapt what we’re doing, so that we can align with Citrix’s overall strategy of (providing) the best access and infrastructure products,” Hopkins said. “We typically try to update our certifications around the latest platforms. We always update the content in our certifications to keep up with product content, and that will continue. It’s an ongoing process. We’re always trying to make it better.”


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