Citrix: Preparing IT Pros for an Evolving Landscape

Today’s dynamic workforce and new technologies present serious challenges for any growing organization’s IT department. Technology professionals find themselves faced with distributed and mobile employees, increased infrastructure complexity, increasingly robust enterprise applications and the rise of Web 2.0 and mashups.

Matt Eastwood, IDC group vice president of enterprise platforms, confirms this trend in a recent article: “Enterprise customers of all types continue to focus on driving business growth. This growth drives new computing demands, which increasingly require both scale-up consolidated systems and scale-out distributed configurations to meet very different workload needs in today’s enterprise.”

To give IT professionals an edge in this challenging landscape, Citrix Systems now offers a series of new administrator-level certifications.

As a provider of application delivery infrastructure, Citrix introduced certifications and supporting curriculum this year to prepare IT professionals to manage technologies that accelerate application performance. They do this by efficiently and securely delivering Web applications to the enterprise, optimizing WAN application performance and speed for branch offices and remote or mobile workers, and increasing visibility into their application-delivery infrastructures.

The newly announced certification tracks are Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA):

  • for Citrix NetScaler 8.
  • for Citrix Access Gateway 8 Enterprise Edition.
  • for Citrix EdgeSight 4.
  • for Citrix WANScaler 4.

Three of the four tracks are based on newer Citrix products that had never been supported with certification, reflecting the rapid growth of the company’s product portfolio.

The new certifications expand the number of Citrix CCA tracks offered from three to…



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