Citrix Announces Two New Certification Tracks

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Citrix has two new Certified Administrator-level credentialing tracks slated for release sometime later this month, company officials announced last week. The certifications will support the company’s new Access Suite 4.0, an integrated business access solution that provides authorized users with on-demand access to a variety of information resources within enterprises.


The new certification tracks pertain to two products within Citrix’s Access Suite 4.0 portfolio: Presentation Server 4.0, which standardizes the deployment of Windows, UNIX and Web applications, and Password Manager 4.0, a sign-on service that streamlines and automates access to password-protected desktop applications. “They’re very similar,” said Melissa Hopkins, senior manager of Citrix’s education portfolio. “They start with the same CTX-1455AW: Common Management Platform Administration (e-learning) course. That is an Access Suite course, so it makes sense that it would be required for all of our administrator certifications.” The certifications have their own high-stakes administration exams, #256 and #326, which are both available at Thomson Prometric testing centers, she added.


Much like the Access Suite itself, these credentials will be a marked improvement over their predecessors, Hopkins said. “With 3.0, administrators had to have at least minimal knowledge of another product as well. We actually spent about four months going back and doing some analysis with currently certified individuals as well as our instructors and customers. We were trying to figure out in general what it is that customers feel like they need for Presentation Server to make sure they’re successful at their jobs.”


Using their input, Hopkins and her team assembled a more robust and focused set of certifications. “We realigned everything to make sure we were truly targeting the appropriate audiences for our certification,” she said. “Based on the feedback that we’ve gotten and all the information that we’ve gathered, we’ve aligned our administrator certification to be aligned around a single product in our Suite. It still continues to be foundation administration skills, which is what it’s always been.”


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