Citrix Acquires NetScaler

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Access infrastructure firm Citrix announced an agreement to acquire San Jose, Calif.-based NetScaler, which makes application appliances that handle such tasks as load balancing, content caching and remote-access functionality. Citrix is set to acquire NetScaler for approximately $300 million: 55 percent in stock and 45 percent in cash. Once the deal closes, Citrix will immediately begin offering NetScaler’s products through its own channel, comprising 5,000-plus resellers in more than 100 countries.


When finalized, the move will have an impact on Citrix’s certification program, said Karl Liebman, the company’s director of consulting and education. “Once the acquisition is completed and passes the customary closing conditions, including shareholder and regulatory approvals, the Citrix certification team will develop certification programs as appropriate for the NetScaler products.”


NetScaler, which counts Google, Major League Baseball, Amazon and Ticketmaster among its major clients, estimates that as many as 75 percent of Internet users pass through one of its systems each day. Citrix is acquiring the company to move into the high-growth, adjacent market segment of application networking as part of its strategy to consolidate technologies in the access infrastructure category, Liebman said. “NetScaler is a market leader in application networking solutions. NetScaler products accelerate the delivery of all applications by five times or more, regardless of protocol, client type or user location, dramatically improving the overall access experience for end users, as well as overall data-center efficiency.”


With the NetScaler acquisition, Citrix will be able provide access to several applications—including client/server, Web, e-mail, collaboration, file access, voice and terminal services—for any user anywhere. “With NetScaler, Citrix gains a product that it can take to existing customers that improves the performance of Web applications and client/server applications hosted through Presentation Server,” Liebman said. “It also opens an entirely new market for Citrix in providing products that optimize Internet e-commerce and browser-based applications for greater performance, manageability and security.”


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