Cisco Upgrades Professional-Level Voice Cert

Cisco has unveiled the redesign of its CCVP professional-level voice certification program.

After gathering internal and external feedback, the career certification provider decided the former path to CCVP certification was “too product centric,” said Mary Ng, unified communications and security marketing portfolio manager at Cisco.

“We began reaching out to customers, our learning partners and their instructors, and asking how can we improve the classroom experience, so that when the students leave and move into their operating environments” they are prepared to design and implement these systems, Ng said. “We needed to look at the role of [the voice professional] and develop practical skills, not just theory or product-centric knowledge. So we decided that we needed to model that real-world environment better using hands-on labs.”

The integration of more hands-on labs is the most significant change in the CCVP coursework. Students practice on live networks at Cisco learning partner sites and engage in “lab [activities that] model the challenges of the real world,” Ng said. “As students move through that lab activity, they get more messaging back saying, ‘Your network’s not going to work because A, B or C.’ And they have to figure out whether A, B or C is incorrect. It allows the student to learn in this relatively safe lab environment before returning to the live networks.”

Other enhancements to the CCVP curriculum include the elimination of a course in gateways and gatekeepers. Instead, this information is integrated throughout the program’s courses,…



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