Cisco Upgrades Network Design Certification

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Cisco has announced enhancements to its Certified Design Professional (CCDP) certification, aiming to stay in line with today’s progressively more intricate network design requirements.


Additionally, the company is looking to prepare network design professionals to provide connectivity, as well as the skills to build service-oriented architectures (SOA), which increase availability, cut costs and generally improve performance overall.


Roger Beatty, senior manager of learning and development, said the enhancements will give IT professionals a leg up as more and more companies begin to streamline their services through SOA.


“A lot of companies are still using networks that were designed primarily for data transmission, with completely separate data and voice networks,” he said. “The industry’s clearly moving toward integrated voice/data and video, and I think everyone recognizes on some level that’s where the industry’s moving.


“For any network designer to take this course or gain this certification, I think would make them a great value to a company that understands the importance of it.”


Cisco spearheaded this change not only based on regular market research but also by keeping its ear to the ground as far as trends in the industry.


“I think we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the industry pretty well,” Beatty said. “Certainly the fact that we sold 2 million IP phones is a good indicator of companies moving to just a single infrastructure.”


The revised course is Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures, ARCH v. 2.0, and the exam is No. 642-873. Although it’s been too soon for feedback from customers, Beatty said he has high hopes the changes will have a positive response.


“We’re expecting this to be a very popular course, a very popular certification,” he said. “It is one of our top handfuls of certification, and I expect it to continue to be”

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