Cisco Rolls Out New CCIE Training Program

Cisco released a unique training offering for aspirants of the expert-level Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification in routing and switching. The CCIE Assessor Lab for Routing and Switching, a Web-based practice lab that provides remote access to live tools, duplicates the similar hands-on component that CCIE candidates experience in the certification process.

Post-lab anecdotal feedback from past CCIE participants frequently showed a disparity between what they had expected and what they actually encountered, said Mike Reid, CCIE senior manager. Thus, many of them registered sub-par performances or even failed the lab outright. “We’ve monitored and watched people take the test,” he said. “Over time, we’ve observed that a lot of times people will come in for the lab, and they’ll realize that they don’t know exactly how the lab works, what’s expected of them and the kinds of things we test. They may be very knowledgeable in the area, but they may not expect what they get and perform rather badly their first time.”

Users of the system will interact with icons that symbolize real equipment, which are embedded in a topology that represents the layout of the lab. “They can click on the icons within the topology to get to the command lines of each one of the routers,” said Kathe Saccenti, CCIE product manager. “It’s a live command line—therefore, they see the actual results and can see how their configurations affect the network that they’re building. The main components and challenges are most definitely there.…



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