Cisco Press Celebrates First Decade

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Cisco Press, the training resource provider designed to complement Cisco Systems’ certification program, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. During the past decade, the publishing company has produced nearly 400 book titles and a variety of flashcards, exam guides and e-learning offerings to certification candidates around the world.


“It’s really exciting to reach 10 years,” said Doug Ingersoll, executive product marketing manager, Pearson Education, who handles the Cisco Press account extensively. “I’ve been with Cisco Press only for six of those 10, and I still feel like I’ve seen a great deal of that growth. It’s been a really exciting time to see the networking community develop, change, adapt and grow. I can tell you, from a publishing professional’s perspective, it certainly hasn’t been dull — it’s been very active, and that’s really fun for us. It’s fun to be publishing to an environment that’s undergoing so much exciting and innovative change.”


Through the years, Ingersoll and the Cisco press staff and authors have seen some amazing changes, both within the certification program and the IT industry on the whole.


“I think in the last part of our decade, the recent growth of Voice-over IP technology in a real fashion has been very exciting,” he said. “When I started about six years ago, we had a few Voice books out, but it was more theoretical than actual. Now seeing it come into play in the real world has been exciting.


“I think the most exciting thing has been the growth of the Cisco certification program. At a time when some of the certification programs from other channels and on other topics have waned in popularity or simply gone away, watching Cisco’s grow initially in such an explosive manner, then continue to grow after that explosion, has been really neat to watch. It certainly seems to have defied many of the common trends in the market.”


To mark its decade of existence, Cisco Press will offer sales promotions to its customers, which will commence with an additional 10 percent off at Also, the company will conduct special activities to reflect on the progress of certification, training and the networking industry such as getting some of its authors to name their Top 10 books (not necessarily their own or even technology-related).


“The thing we’re trying to do to celebrate our 10 years here is really connecting our authors and audience even more closely, and sometimes in a fun way,” Ingersoll said. “We’ve reached out to a number of our authors and asked them their opinions on a variety of things. We want to help our audience get a little more insight into the visionary attitudes of some of our authors.”


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