Cisco Hosts Groundhog Job Shadow Day

More than 1,000 students with a variety of educational backgrounds are expected to participate in Cisco Networking Academy’s third annual Groundhog Job Shadow Day. The event, which kicked off at the beginning of the month and will wrap up some time in early April, is part of a larger program developed by the U.S. Department of Labor and sponsored by Junior Achievement and America’s Promise.

The Groundhog Job Shadow Day events includes tours, presentations and panels, and, of course, job shadowing. “We use them, first and foremost, to give students an idea of the various careers out there,” said Gene Longo, senior manager of the Cisco Networking Academy. “We also want to open their minds up to technologies that they may not be exposed to in the classroom. We could show them some things with IP telephony that their school probably wouldn’t have the resources to do.”

Cisco aims to deliver this program to students in more than 70 locations across the country, Longo said. “We try to have some type of representation in all 50 states. Ideally, in most of the sites, the students come on to a Cisco campus for this type of event. In some cases, we may not have a major office in a particular state, but what we do is partner with our field based in that state to actually do it at a either a customer site or an academy site and bring the resources to them.” He added that the…



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