Cisco Expands Certification Program With Expert-Level Network Design Credential

<strong>Barcelona, Spain &mdash; Jan. 22</strong><br />Responding to strong customer demand to collaborate on network architecture strategy, and not just implementation, Cisco introduced the new Cisco CCDE certification for design experts. On par with the award-winning CCIE certification, CCDE applies a solutions-based educational approach and recognizes the growing number of networking experts who have in-depth infrastructure design knowledge that enables them to assess network business requirements and translate those requirements into effective network designs.<br /><br />&rdquo;Networks are strategic and the role of a network designer is becoming much more important,&rdquo; said Yankee Group analyst Zeus Kerravala. &ldquo;People who take on design roles impact the strategic direction of their organizations. This new expert-level certification recognizes the importance of individuals to not only operate and diagnose networks, but design them.&rdquo;<br /><br />The CCDE certification provides further career advancements for networking experts in the information technology industry. Approximately 30 percent of today&rsquo;s CCIE community is responsible for network design each day; however, these design experts are no longer involved in hands-on configuration, but rather in strategic design and architecture. The CCDE certification was created to provide IT professionals who specialize in network design with a prestigious credential that recognizes senior-level expertise and provides incentives for the experienced practitioner to continue his or her professional development.<br /><br />&ldquo;The need for an expert-level design certification is in great demand,&rdquo; said Terry Slattery, CCIE 1026, renowned author and networking expert. &ldquo;The CCDE certification differentiates network designers from implementation-focused professionals. It respects designers&rsquo; depth of knowledge while providing…



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