Cisco Enhances CCNA Prep Center with Games and Other Features

Cisco Systems has added several new features to its popular and helpful CCNA Prep Center Internet portal lately, including a bundle of learning games, practice questions for certification exams and advice from experts on a variety of topics. These new offerings have helped drive registration for the Web site past the 50,000 mark, company officials report.

The company very recently announced the launch of its learning games suite for the CCNA Prep Center. This collection includes Rockin’ Retailer, which deals with Internet protocol (IP) communication solutions and associated issues like communication, inventory and customer service; Network Defenders, which focuses on comprehension of networking, types of attacks and security techniques; SAN Rover, which involves building a storage area network (SAN) in a Rover on Mars; and a word search that covers terminology used in Cisco certifications programs. There also are plans to add wireless networking game—set in outer space—to this group sometime in the future.

“All of the three original games, plus the fourth game, all basically have the same idea behind them,” said Don Field, senior manager of certification at Cisco Systems. “There were really two things we were looking to do: to have some fun diversions that would attract people to our site, and also to provide an engaging way that folks could gain some exposure to the concepts, technology and terminology involved in various areas of advanced technology at Cisco.”

Although these games are not an appropriate resource for certification candidates preparing for a…



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