Cisco Certifications Keep Pace With New Directions in Networking

Achieving professional certification, which validates knowledge and skills in critical network areas, can help students strengthen their position for capturing the career opportunities available in any economic climate.

Cisco certification indicates that individuals have attained specific skills and knowledge-, making them more valuable to their employers and more productive while opening further avenues for career advancement. Cisco has found that people with certifications also share a sense of common purpose and are committed to a high standard of conduct.

Cisco works continuously to maintain the relevance of its certification and training programs for evolving job roles and changing student and employer training needs. These programs make use of the latest tools for learning, social media and online collaborative communities. Cisco also regularly updates existing certification programs and develops new certifications to meet the needs of employers for experts in new and specialized areas of network technology.

New Certifications for Data Center Specialists
One example of current network advances is in the data center, where network engineers are working more frequently with storage, server and security professionals. The traditional separation of these roles is blurring as data center technologies converge throughvirtualization and unified computing.
To reflect the multiple skill sets required of data center specialists, Cisco is introducing two new certifications. The Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist certification is suitable for data center architects who focus on designing data centers to support unified computing and data center virtualization. The Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Support Specialist certification is…



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