Cisco Announces New CCNP Recertification Policy

Hot on the heels of Cisco’s announcement of the content revamp for its Certified Networking Professional credential suite comes news that the company also will alter its recertification policy. What’s especially different about this new procedure is that it allows certificants to renew their credentials via any certification at the CCNP or CCIE level, regardless of the subject it covers.

“Our previous policy required that you recertify in the same discipline in which your certification was received,” said Cindy Hoffman, learning and development manager for Cisco certification. “In other words, if you’d gotten a voice professional certification, in order to recertify you would’ve had to go in and take one of those courses from the same curriculum.

“Now, you can continue to do that, or you can diversify by going off and taking an exam for any of the other professional-level certifications. So instead of just being someone who knows voice, by going out and recertifying in BSCI, you would acquire some expertise in switching that you didn’t previously have and, in so doing, recertify your CCVP.”

Hoffman said that Cisco decided this after listening to customers’ thoughts on the matter. “We got a lot of feedback from people who told us they felt it was not a good use of their time to go back and recertify in exactly the same discipline in which their certification was received,” she said. “They told us that would be a highly motivating factor in their decision to certify or recertify, and…



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