Cisco Announces Global Expansion

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Cisco’s Learning Credits program is available–or soon will be–in countries within the Americas (Canada, Central and South America) and Asia-Pacific (Asia, Australia and New Zealand), company officials announced. The program enables customers to integrate training at the start of a product or support/services introduction, and benefit from an increased competitive advantage and faster productivity gains on their network investments.

Cisco Learning Credits are immediately available for purchase in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Panama. In Asia-Pacific, Cisco Learning Credits are currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. The launch schedule for additional countries in the Americas and Asia-Pacific will be announced shortly. It presently is available to customers in the United States and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Cisco’s Learning Credits program, in conjunction with the Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT), provides customers with the ability to register, debit, manage and track the purchased Cisco Learning Credits. LCMT tracks all account transactions, validates redemptions and automatically e-mails transaction confirmations along with monthly statements of activity and expiration status. Each Cisco Learning Credit can be exchanged for $100 (U.S.) of high-quality authorized training, delivered by participating Cisco Learning Solutions Partners worldwide. Cisco Learning Credits are valid for one year from purchase date and may be applied toward instructor-led training courses, e-learning, labs, simulations and customized education programs. Cisco Learning Credits are also available to Cisco Channel Partners for resale, as well as their own training needs.


With the Cisco Learning Credits program launch in the Americas and Asia-Pacific, customers and partners worldwide can now buy training and Cisco Systems hardware, software or support/services concurrently. By including training at the time of products or support/services purchase, Cisco Learning Credits can save the customer time and resources by reducing the costs of administering separate budgets, purchase orders and expense reimbursements associated with the purchase of training on an ad hoc basis.


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