Cisco Announces CCSP Recertification Changes

Cisco Systems has announced an enhancement to its recertification policy for the Cisco Certified Security Professional (CCSP) certification. The Cisco SAFE Implementation (CSI) exam, which is required for new CCSP certification candidates, will now recertify professionals who hold that credential.

This new procedure joins two existing methods of recertification for the CCSP program, said Don Field, senior manager of certifications at Cisco. “At the professional level of our program, we have more than one way that people can recertify,” he said. “One is to earn a CCIE certification, the top level in our program. Also, we added a new policy last fall that allows an individual who passes the CCIE written exam, which is the first step in a two-step process towards earning a CCIE, to recertify professional-level certifications they hold.

“For each of our professional-level certifications, we have an exam that someone can take to recertify their knowledge in that particular subject,” Field added. “We have those in place for most of our professional-level certifications, but we didn’t have that in place for CCSP. We didn’t add a new exam to do it. We determined that one of the exams that people have to pass in order to earn CCSP in the first place is really a capstone exam that encompasses a broad enough array of topics in security. We could allow people to pass the current version of that exam to recertify their CCSP. That exam is the CSI, or the Cisco Safe Implementation exam.”



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