Cirque Touchpad to Increase Functionality in Product

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<p><strong>Salt Lake City &mdash; June 26</strong><br />Cirque Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alps Electric Co. Ltd. and a provider of capacitance technology, has announced that its touchpad products have been selected by Volcano Corp. for use in Volcano&#39;s new intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) console.<br /><br />Cirque&#39;s technology was selected for Volcano&#39;s s5i Bedside Touchpad Controller because of its configurability, ease of integration and its sealed design &mdash; crucial for medical applications &mdash; in addition to other benefits it offered over similar technologies.<br /><br />The Volcano controller is a compact touchpad configured for button input and cursor-type control that allows physicians to operate the Volcano IVUS system without having to leave the sterile field. </p><p>Using the touchpad for the input device makes the overall size of the device significantly smaller than that of the previous product generation. <br /><br />&quot;For physicians, staff and patients to benefit from the simplified workflow of Volcano&#39;s integrated s5i IVUS system, it was essential for us to provide bedside control of the s5i from the convenience of the sterile field,&quot; said Joe Burnett, Volcano Corp. associate vice president of marketing. &quot;Our research and development team searched through a number of different control point options, and the flexibility and customization of the Cirque touchpad controller provided us with the compact solution we have been looking for.&quot;<br /><br />In addition to the medical field, Cirque&#39;s original GlidePoint technology has applications in multiple products and an ever-growing number of markets. </p><p>It is found in laptops, keyboards, handheld devices and countless other computing devices throughout the world. It enables complete navigational control of any graphical interface, packed in a space-saving, low-friction and extremely durable touchpad. <br /><br />&quot;The sealed design of our Glidepoint touchpads is optimal for medical environments, and it&#39;s a great fit for Volcano&#39;s new IVUS controller,&quot; said Douglas Moore, Cirque vice president. &quot;Volcano is a highly valued customer, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the coming years.&quot;</p>

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