CIPD Launches Guide to Employer Branding

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<strong>London &mdash; Oct. 18 </strong><br />An effective employer brand can make a dramatic difference to how successful businesses are, in recruiting, engaging and keeping their people, as shown in a new Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) practical guide, “Employer Branding: A No-Nonsense Approach.”<br /><br />This echoes recent CIPD research that shows 75 percent of organizations that use employer branding as a recruitment tool believe it to be effective.<br /><br />”Employer Branding: A No-Nonsense Approach” features case studies from the British Library, Diesel, Kings College NHS Trust, Lakeland, Orange and ScottishPower. It illustrates why and how they have developed and communicated an employee brand.<br /><br />This step-by step practical guide allows organizations to explore and maximize their own employer brand. This is an important weapon for organizations as they compete for talent in a crowded marketplace and seek to engage, motivate and retain their best people.<br /><br />The CIPD guide discusses some of the challenges that businesses implementing a brand might face and suggests how to overcome them. These include:<br /><br />Employer branding is still seen as a new concept and lacks recognition as an important element of corporate strategy.<br /><br />HR needs to “sell” to colleagues their ability to make a strategic contribution to the business in this area.<br /><br />Fragmentation on ownership (poor communication between departments involved in the process). <br /><br />Employer branding can&rsquo;t be imposed &mdash; an organization needs staff involvement in developing the brand to ensure they relate to and sign up to its values. <br /><br />&ldquo;In their quest to be an &lsquo;employer of choice&rsquo;, many organizations are recognizing the potential of employer branding as a concept,” said Rebecca Clake, CIPD organization and resourcing adviser. “There is a real opportunity for employers to use some of the techniques associated with branding and marketing to understand how the organization is perceived by current employees and the external labor market.  <br /><br />&ldquo;However, employer branding is not just about recruitment &mdash; it&rsquo;s an opportunity to gather intelligence to help employers better understand what makes people stay with their organization and be prepared to &lsquo;go the extra mile.&rsquo; By working together with other departments such as marketing, internal communications and PR is important if branding initiatives are to be successfully implemented.&rdquo;

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