CIOs Reveal Effective Retention Strategies for Skilled IT Staff

Attractive pay is the most effective way to improve IT staff retention, according to a recent survey by Robert Half Technology. While increased compensation tops the list with 27 percent, respondents reveal that professional development/training (21 percent) and flexible schedules (18 percent) also are valuable retention strategies.


Rounding off the list were telecommuting (7 percent), extra vacation days or time off (6 percent) and granting company stock or options (2 percent).


The survey — taken by 1,400 CIOs in the U.S. — was developed by Robert Half Technology, a provider of information technology professionals.


“There’s more of a focus on retention from the managerial standpoint,” said John Estes, a vice president with Robert Half technology. “IT companies and managers need to be aware that [IT professionals are] highly skilled people. There’s big demand for them, and they can be susceptible to recruiters and other companies scooping them up.”


Employee retention needs to be an ongoing priority, especially for IT professionals with skill sets that are most in-demand, Estes said. “It can take two to three months sometimes to fill an open position — that’s just a lot of lost productivity,” he added.


More than three out of four respondents stated it was equally or more challenging to recruit skilled IT professionals compared to 2007, and the majority attributed this to a shortage of skilled workers.


The most important function of a company is to attract and retain talent, Estes said. “If [employers] don’t retain…

Deanna Hartley


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