CIOs Predict Steady Short-Term IT Hiring

Chief information officers (CIOs) that contributed to the most recent quarterly IT Hiring Index and Skills Report published by research firm Robert Half Technology (RHT) seemed to indicate that happy days are here again, if not quite at the levels of the tech boom of the late ’90s. Of the approximately 1,400 CIOs polled in RHT’s stratified random sample, 12 percent projected they would be adding IT staff, while only 3 percent said they would be cutting back.

“It’s no secret that the economy is getting better, and the job market is getting better,” said RHT Division Director Jeff Markham. “The economy goes in cycles and we’re in an upturn. I think those numbers reflect that, albeit it’s a much more reserved and cautious growth than it was back in the late ’90s up to 2000. It’s still an uptick and, hopefully, more sustainable because it is slower.”

The largest percentage of respondents (84 percent) said they anticipated no change in IT personnel levels. However, Markham said that due to the nature of the study, this statistic was slightly misleading. “The survey is centered around adding full-time staff,” he explained. “What the 84 percent (figure) doesn’t address is how many projects are going on that they don’t count as head-count growth because they’re using contractors. If 84 percent of businesses weren’t going to do projects or take on initiatives that need contract or special project workers, then this economy would probably be at a standstill.”



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