CIO Position Examined in New Book

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Broomfield, Colo. — March 10
What is the chief information officer position really all about? What skills are needed to successfully do this job? Where does the CIO position belong in the organization? Why is it so difficult for business people to understand and communicate with the CIO and the people in the information technology department? Why do the challenges of the CIO seem so unique compared to other senior level positions in the company?

Written by a business strategist, Unwrapping the CIO: Demystifying the Chief Information Officer Position was written to help the CIO understand the job. It helps the chief executive officer better understand the position, challenges and skill requirements of one of the key areas affecting his or her organization.

It also is for the chief financial officer who needs to understand something about a position that consumes a great deal of a company’s financial assets. And it aims to help the information technology professional understand why the CIO makes certain decisions and shows what it takes to pursue that career path. It also describes techniques for creating and maintaining a highly skilled IT organization.

Wayne L. Anderson enlisted his own experience and solicited advice and feedback from 5,000 IT professionals to detail the complex skill sets and professional traits needed when information technology pros advance in the ranks to CIO, interacting with the CEO and CFO.

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