Church’s Chicken Expands JobApp Rollout After Turnover Reduction

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<strong>Troy, Mich. &mdash; April 15</strong><br />Church&rsquo;s Chicken has decided to implement the JobApp Network automated hiring solution across all 272 corporate-owned restaurants in the U.S., after achieving a 63 percent reduction in turnover over six months in a 46 restaurant rollout. JobApp has also made the same proven solution available to Church&rsquo;s independent franchisees. Church&rsquo;s Chicken selected the JobApp Network solution as the core technology enabler in its strategy to streamline the hiring process, increase hiring quality and improve the customer and employee experience. <br /><br />JobApp Network provides a complete phone and Web-based hiring solution. JobApp&rsquo;s proven ability to reduce turnover by helping decentralized hiring organizations make better hiring decisions was a major factor in the decision of Church&rsquo;s Chicken. By utilizing JobApp during the past six months, the restaurant chain has improved its competitive hiring advantages by providing applicants an easy way to apply in both Spanish and English, by phone and by Web. Additionally, the patent-pending JobApp Dispenser helps Church&rsquo;s Chicken to capture active and passive applicants in their restaurants, while JobApp&rsquo;s simple five-star applicant ranking scale lets managers know who to interview in a matter of seconds.<br /><br />&ldquo;During our initial six-month engagement with JobApp involving 46 restaurants, we were able to decrease turnover by 63 percent relative to a control group of restaurants,&rdquo; stated Bunny Williams, senior vice president of human resources and chief people officer at Church&rsquo;s Chicken. &ldquo;Our restaurant managers and market leaders are very happy with the JobApp system because it saves them time, and it&rsquo;s very easy to use,&rdquo; according to Bunny Williams.<br /><br />&ldquo;We built the JobApp restaurant solution to provide a strong hourly hiring solution with matchmaking capabilities for QSR and casual dining, relating location hiring needs with the applicant&rsquo;s desires and abilities,&rdquo; said Blake Helppie, chief executive officer of JobApp Network. &ldquo;The JobApp technology provides preinterview applicant screening and scoring on three different levels, before any hiring manager spends a moment reviewing an application.&rdquo;<br />

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