Choices: Be in the Now or Perhaps Never Be

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I’m a huge fan of motivational quotes. I get them delivered to my personal Inbox daily and recently enjoyed one that discussed the importance of living in the now, as opposed to being overly concerned with the past or the future. The missive said that in order to feel more at home in the present moment, and experience everything we might be missing while constantly planning, plotting and performing to get ahead, it’s important to stay aware, be open and receptive. Being in the now requires your full attention. Your mind shouldn’t wander, and your focus should not be on what just happened, nor should you worry about what may happen next.


For the IT professional looking to attain a new certification or recertify to maintain an existing cert, that state of now can be tough to achieve. The rush, the need for time management, the commitments required, the focus to study and absorb new information all can dilute any acknowledgement of value in the present moment. When you’re not planning the next move or assessing impending situations, you may feel out of control. But constantly anticipating the future can actually stunt the flexibility and creativity you need to get where you want to go.


My point is, choosing to take a deep breath, stare out the window and watch people interacting, or pausing to exchange a word at the water cooler isn’t always a bad thing when you’re under the gun. (But if you go overboard and get in trouble for gossiping or work avoidance, do not point the finger here ‘cause I don’t know you!) Things move fast, especially in IT where technological innovations are happening as often as you inhale and exhale. Your boss may have a bazillion things for you to do, and that’s just today, and has nothing to do with your personal needs. But it’s your career, right? You want to be happy, fulfilled, confident and well-paid. Your choice to be happy might well include a pause in the now to refresh all your “operating systems” for later.

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