ChoiceMail Desktop Version 5.104 Provides Spam Protection for SmartPhones

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Orlando, Fla. — Jan. 27
DigiPortal Software Inc., a developer of anti-spam software, introduced enhancements to the company’s ChoiceMail One anti-spam PC client-based product that includes protection for SmartPhones like the BlackBerry and iPhone that get e-mail from Internet service providers via the POP3 protocol.

ChoiceMail One is deployed on more than 50,000 individual PCs. DigiPortal Software Inc. said ChoiceMail looks for reasons to accept email messages. Further, ChoiceMail One is fully Windows Vista compatible and has a new user interface.

ChoiceMail One is designed to increase security by eliminating the risk of virus or Web bug activation contained in e-mails.

ChoiceMail One works with almost all existing email clients.

“Protection for SmartPhones in ChoiceMail Version 5.x was developed as a direct result of customer input,” said Nebojsa Djogo, vice president of software development for DigiPortal. “Our users can be certain that their mailboxes, both on their PC and SmartPhone, are protected from the latest e-mail scams and methods incorporated by spammers.”

Users can try the software for free for 30 days.

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