Checkster Introduces Personal Feedback Tool

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<p><strong>Mill&nbsp; Valley, Calf. &mdash; June 6&nbsp;</strong><br />Checkster has released a tool to empower individuals to recognize and grow their strengths by leveraging collective intelligence.&nbsp; </p><p>This innovative, Web-based service uses the leading-edge research in expert performance in combination with Web 2.0 collaborative technology to uncover the fast track road to career success. </p><p>&quot;The talent management market is red hot with lower unemployment and looming labor shortages,&quot; said Lisa Rowan, program manager of HR and talent management services at IDC, an IT market research and advisory firm.&nbsp; &quot;Tools that help employers and employees recognize and grow talent will lower costs by streamlining processes.&quot;<br /></p><p>Yves Lermusi, Checkster founder and CEO, agrees. </p><p>&ldquo;Once we finish school, we stop getting frequent feedback on how well we are performing at what we strive to master,&quot; Lermusi said. &quot;Sure, official yearly reviews exist, but they do not work to motivate people or help them improve. Checkster now enables people to obtain easy-to-read report cards on their strengths and suggests how they can advance to an expert level. Best of all, it only takes seven minutes to run a Checkster Talent Checkup.&rdquo; <br /> <br />The latest research in the talent industry discovered that deliberate practice is the way top performers become top performers.&nbsp; The missing link in business though is &ldquo;the lack of candid feedback,&rdquo; described as the &ldquo;biggest little dirty secret of business,&rdquo; by Jack Welch.&nbsp; </p><p>Checkster&rsquo;s users obtain direct feedback through their network. The result is a cutting-edge report with candid, anonymous, aggregated data on one&rsquo;s core strengths. It emphasizes the areas to continue practicing to achieve higher levels.<br /><br />Further, Checkster&rsquo;s easy-to-use and fast application also is leveraged by job seekers who want to market their unique selling points more objectively and with more confidence.</p><p>&ldquo;During my job search, I used my Checkster Talent Checkup to distinguish myself from other candidates,&quot; said JR Naveau, a former Oracle product manager. &quot;The Checkup gave me more insight and confidence on my key acknowledged strengths and the ability to articulate them to hiring managers like nobody else.&quot;</p>

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