Check Point Introduces New Security Cert

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Check Point’s Latest Security Certification



When it comes to vendor-specific security certifications, Check Point
offers a well-known and well-respected program. The Check Point
Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) and Check Point Certified
Security Expert (CCSE) certifications are popular programs among
certified professionals and their employers. And to provide more
offerings for professionals in information security, the company has
just added a new certification: the Check Point Certified Managed
Service Expert (CCMSE), bringing its total to six.



CCMSE is a more advanced certification designed for security
professionals who implement Check Point’s VPN-1/FireWall-1 as an
enterprise security solution and Provider-1 in the network operating
center environment as a centralized policy management solution.
According to Check Point’s Web site, “CCMSEs are the premier experts for
managed security services based on Check Point solutions.”



In order to go for CCMSE certification, a candidate must have both the
CCSA and CCSE certifications. CCMSE is considered an advanced
certification and requires three exams:




  •  #156-210: VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management I – NG
  •  #156-310: VPN-1/FireWall-1 Management II – NG
  •  #156-810: Managing Multiple Sites with Provider-1 NG



Exam #156-210 earns candidates the CCSA certification. Candidates who
need training before taking the exam can take the course VPN-1/FireWall-
1 Management I – NG. In addition, Check Point recommends six months of
experience with the product.



When candidates move on and pass exam #156-310, they earn the CCSE
certification. The recommended course for the exam is VPN-1/FireWall-1
Management II – NG. Check Point also recommends candidates have a year
of experience with the product before attempting the exam.



To prepare for exam #156-810, candidates can take the course: Managing
Multiple Sites with Provider-1 NG. Six months of experience with the
product is also recommended.



To register for exams online, go to For
more information about CCMSE certification, see


New Web Site Offers Resources for the Jobless



By now, you must be familiar with the various stories of corporate
accounting gone awry. Scandalous tales of corporate greed may have left
you wondering, what happens to the workers at the bottom of the food
chain? What happens to their jobs? Their retirement and health care
benefits? Maybe you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of
being without a job—not knowing where to turn for advice. The AFL-CIO
has launched a new Web site, designed to help laid-off workers address
these and other issues.



The Web site,, offers general resources
for surviving unemployment, handling working family challenges, finding
out what went wrong and protecting retirement money. And the information
is not limited to people who work for these fallen corporate giants. The
information here is good for anyone in the unfortunate position of being
without work.



First stop on the site is a section on surviving unemployment. Go here
to find the AFL-CIO’s advice on what to do when your paycheck stops,
from developing a financial plan to maintaining insurance. If you need
information on unemployment compensation, you can use the site to locate
your state’s Unemployment Insurance Office, which will give you the info
you need on available benefits and whether or not you are eligible.



The site also covers ways to manage the challenges of a working family.
For example, how do you cover college costs for your children after you
are laid off? Or perhaps now that you have the time, you want to go back
to school. You can also find resources and pointers to financial
assistance for caring for elders. 



If you are one of the unlucky workers who is out of work following a
corporate accounting meltdown, check out the “What Went Wrong?” section
of the site. Here, the AFL-CIO explains what went wrong at Enron. You
can also check out their take on how to decide whether to trust the
people running your company.



Anyone could stand to learn more about the security of their retirement
plans. Even if you’re 25 and you haven’t given it a thought, you might
find the information on the site helpful. At you can find out more about how Social
Security, pensions and personal savings contribute to your post-
retirement financial well-being.



Finally, you can use the site to take action and have fun. You can join
the Working Families e-Activist Network or learn more about President
Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security. You can register to vote and
learn about the candidates through the AFL-CIO Congressional Voting
Record. And when it all becomes too much, you can play Smash Corporate
Greed and “whack the greedy CEO’s fistful of dollars—you’ll feel



Certification Beats Skills



You may have the skills, but do you have the certification to back them
up? Getting certified is a great way to demonstrate your willingness to
be tested on your skills, and it’s also a great way to show potential
employers that your skills have been validated by a third party. Sure,
you may be a gre
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