CH2M Hill: Managing It Services Internally And Externally

CH2M HILL is an engineering and construction company that can meet seemingly any industrial need. The services it offers touch on wastewater and water resources; transportation; federal facilities and military operations; nuclear, environmental, energy, power, electronics and advanced technologies; pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; manufacturing; chemicals and communications.

Given all this, it’s not surprising CH2M HILL maintains a large workforce: roughly 19,000 employees, 1,200 of those in IT. In fact, CH2M HILL has IT professionals not just for its internal needs but also external ones, as its customers see a need to outsource their IT services.

Mike Bank, director of business development, said this migration of services can occur in several ways.

“We go out and organically look for customers to support, place people with or support their systems on a hosting level or even remotely manage them,” Bank said. “Or we may be supporting a customer for an internal project for another line of business (maybe they’re in the water vertical), or we might be supporting someone else in a financial vertical. It’s the same level of performance — those same systems are applied, whether they’re internally or externally for the company.”

This affects CH2M HILL’s approach to hiring in IT.

“For our business, given the fact that our people are customer-facing, the biggest factor we look for is relevant experience and success in similar projects to that of our customers,” said Shawn Audino, vice president of business development for CH2M HILL’s managed services group.

This leads the company…

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