Certiport to Release Digital Communications Cert

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Certiport, which operates the foundation-level IC3 certification, has announced plans to develop a digital communications credentialing program based on seven proficiencies: the ability to define, access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate using digital media. The core competencies of the certification are the product of research conducted by a consortium of government, corporate and academic institutions to determine what skills will lead to success in this century.


“The domain of digital communications is based on the 21st century skills proficiencies that have been defined for us,” said Beverly MacIntyre, chief learning officer of Certiport. “We’re looking at how to access and manipulate existing media for effective communication. Collectively, we’ve spent the time looking at existing standards so we would have a universal, worldwide standard. We’ve really invested an enormous amount of time in making sure it’s for everyone.”


Indeed, the certification isn’t targeted solely at techies or non-techies, or individuals in corporate or academic environments. It’s intended for anyone who wants to develop their ability in communicating via various digital technologies, MacIntyre said. Another important distinction is that it’s not so much task-based as it is process-based — that is, it’s less about how to use digital communications generally and more about how to use them in particular situations. Thus, a certain level of familiarity with these tools on the part of candidates is presumed. “For example, a child in the classroom is going know how to access clip art and post it inside of a presentation they’re using,” she said. “Our children today — the digital natives —have grown up with this technology and know how to use the software, but are they choosing the right clip art? Are they able to identify their audience and then script their communications to align with that audience?”


“If an individual is given the task of communicating a particular concept to a class and this individual has to go back and find out whether or not they should be using text, audio, video, animation or whatever combination, there’s a series of steps the mind has to go through to end up with an effective communications piece,” Certiport President and CEO David Saedi explained. “What we’re doing here is laying a strong foundation in how to go about creating that effective communication. It’s not just about knowing how to insert clip art. It’s more about the outcome you’re seeking and the most effective means of communicating with your audience. It’s not the simple use of a tool — it’s the thought processes that allow you to communicate effectively.”


Certiport’s digital communications certification is slated for release before the end of the year.


For more information, see http://www.certiport.com.

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