Certiport Announces Microsoft Certification

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Certiport has announced the availability of the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Instructor, a resource for organizations transitioning to the 2007 Microsoft Office programs.


Currently, there are more than 23,000 Microsoft Master Instructor certification recipients worldwide. The Microsoft Master Instructor certification is the instructor-level credential for Microsoft Office. Creating a smooth path from this previous certification to the 2007 revision is of utmost importance to Certiport.


“We’ve been in the business of [producing] the Microsoft Master Instructor certification for about 10 years, and what we did in this case is just basically roll the program over,” said Julie Allen, Microsoft programs manager at Certiport. “Logistically, it’s the same in management and the teaching credentials the individual needs to be certified. We’ve also made it easier for current Microsoft Master Instructors who are certified in versions starting back from Office 2000 by waiving the annual fee, giving them access to MS e-learning tools, offering certification vouchers and [using] the identical application process that we used before.”


With over 13,000 testing centers and 38 distributors around the world, Certiport is currently in the process of translating the new certification into German, French, Spanish and Japanese by year end, and Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Greek by early 2008. Allen says the response to the new programs so far has been promising, and points to the worldwide roll out as a testament to the desire of organizations to quickly adopt the latest versions of software they use.


“We’ve tracked the adoption of the certification back to Office 2000 and we’ve been able to see [that] there’s been a three-fold increase in the adoption on this version of the Office certification,” said Allen, adding that this is in comparison to the company’s last three revisions of the cert.

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