Certifying Software Security Professionals: The CSSLP

Humans have been developing computer software for about 65 years now. We’ve come a very long way during that time, and many futurists expect we will see just as much technological advancement in the next 65 years. This amount of change will challenge even the best minds in computer science to keep up.

It can be hard to appreciate just how sophisticated computers have become. But consider this: In 1981, the most sophisticated spacecraft in the world was the U.S. Space Shuttle. The Space Shuttle could launch, orbit the Earth and land without human intervention. The first shuttles were able to accomplish this feat with 104Kb of RAM. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything larger than a wristwatch with only 104Kb of RAM. An average cell phone has more than 2.5 billion bytes of RAM and processes data faster than many of the mainframes used in Mission Control in 1981. It won’t work in the harsh environment of space, but it will do just fine down here on Earth.

However, like the Space Shuttle, a cell phone would be an expensive brick without software. For that reason, reliable and secure software is an essential investment.

Why Software Security?

Until 1975, most programs were written, run and used in the same building. The idea of a computer virus was still science fiction in 1981 when IBM delivered the first PC. Security meant gates and guards, not firewalls and Web filters. During the past 30 years, the explosion in computing…



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