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The Data Management Institute (DMI) is offering a new certification designed to test IT professionals on storage infrastructure, operations and platforms. One of the few vendor-neutral certifications available in this area (check out the Storage Networking Industry Association at http://www.snia.org for others), the Certified Data Manager is meant to recognize the importance of the data manager job role and to test their specialized skills.




DMI works on behalf of its membership to define the job roles associated with data management and protection and to define a career path for IT professionals interested in taking advantage of their storage and data management skills. To this end, DMI is cultivating an exchange of best practices and reference models “to facilitate the performance of storage management tasks.” The organization will do this by measuring the expertise and skill of practitioners through testing and certification.




The Certified Data Manager certification is designed for storage managers, storage administrators and others working in data management. The program is not focused on any single vendor and is designed to test high-level architectural, methodological and practical skills and knowledge that can be applied on the job.




To earn the certification, aspiring certificants must take a certification exam that validates their mastery of training program content or experience-based expertise. Testing may take place either live at a DMI-provided facility or online at the convenience of the candidate. Candidates are not required to undergo training through DMI, but the testing fee is waived for the first test taken by candidates who have undergone the training program.




For more information on DMI training and certification, see http://www.datainstitute.org.




Emily Hollis is associate editor for Certification Magazine. She can be reached at ehollis@certmag.com. 



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