I’m Certified! Now What?

A marathon runner often trains for years to build the skills and endurance necessary to make it to the finish line.

Once he’s achieved his goal, caught his breath, had some water and treated sore muscles, it’s time for him to focus on his next steps. How will he make the most of his accomplishment? Should he start right back up training for another event or use the skills learned to pursue new activities?

Preparing for and attaining an advanced professional certification is the mental equivalent of training for a marathon. They may not be logging miles on a jogging path, but IT professionals pursuing certifications certainly put in hours of mental training when learning the information, understanding the guidelines for optimal test-taking performance and applying their expertise at work each day.

However, similar to the marathon runner, once an IT professional achieves his goal, he is faced with the question: “Now what?”

Share the News

Many certifying organizations provide newly credentialed individuals with template news releases or similar announcements they can send to local magazine and newspaper reporters; the editors of their organizations’ internal newsletters, intranets and alumni newsletters; and editors of other publications.

Also, all superiors and department leaders should be aware when employees achieve a new designation. Not only can a certification clarify and validate areas of expertise, but it can lead to increased responsibility and leadership opportunities.

In addition, it’s important for an organization to know how many credentialed individuals it…



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