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In the digital age, everything seen and heard now can be captured, manipulated and then delivered directly via the Internet to most mobile devices or handhelds. Phones that allow you to wirelessly download music on demand from providers are becoming increasingly popular and more companies are looking to offer this as a new service. Podcasts (and other forms of streaming digital audio) also are starting to appear online more often. As the need for digital audio grows, so does the need for skilled engineers with the ability to capture and manipulate it for use on TV, the radio and the Internet. Design certification offers potential clients proof that skills are at the level they require to get the job done.



For example, becoming a Digidesign certified Pro Tools Operator or Expert requires that you pass a balanced mixture of training and certification exams to earn your credentials. Not only can this help you advance your career in the audio industry by giving you hands-on skills in a training classroom environment with a knowledgeable instructor, it also proves you have validated those learned skills by earning a passing score on your exam. Once you are a certified candidate, it also proves you can handle working with a production digital audio workstation (DAW).



The Importance of Accreditation



Since the purposed of gaining a design certification is to ensure significant others are confident in a certain level of skill, it’s important that the certification training institute be reputable, or accredited. To become certified in Digidesign, a candidate must attend a class in which Pro Tools curriculum is offered. The schools that offer the curriculum need to be officially registered with Digidesign to receive accreditation. Once candidates pass the training class, they are given access to the test online from the training partner and Digidesign. If they pass, the candidates are awarded their certification and accompanying benefits.



Some benefits include a professional certificate and discounts on Digidesign software and hardware. Also, your name will be listed on Digidesign’s Web site.



Further, once candidates are officially certified, they will remain certified for the version of Pro Tools software on which they were tested. Certified Pro Tools Operators and Experts for older systems have the option to update their certification by taking the Pro Tools 220 update course and exam.



Digidesign offers two separate certification tracks: Certified Pro Tools Operator and Certified Pro Tools Expert.



Certified Pro Tools Operator



A certified Pro Tools Operator can competently operate a Pro Tools HD system in a professional environment. To become a certified Pro Tools Operator, you must complete all 100- and 200-level courses, projects and exercises while taking your training classes. You then have to take the certified Pro Tools Operator final exam. To be considered eligible for the exam, you need to pass each course-completion exam while taking your training class. Once certified as Pro Tools Operator, you will have the skills to manage and operate a DAW in a professional audio engineering environment. If you want to push your career further, you can take the rest of the available official Pro Tools classes and strive to become a certified Pro Tools Expert.




Certified Pro Tools Expert




A certified Pro Tools Expert is an engineer who has reached the highest level of combined training and certification and can operate a Pro Tools HD system in a professional environment at an above-average skill level. You will need to complete all 100-, 200- and 300-level curriculum and course projects/exercises at an official Digidesign training partner facility, pass each course completion exam, pass the final Pro Tools Expert certification exam and then pass an Expert-level-proficiency hands-on project.




Each certification track offers classes that prepare you to work with audio from the beginner to the expert level. Pro Tools 101 covers Pro Tools fundamentals. Pro Tools 201 covers Pro Tools Production. Each class builds on the next and helps you learn the product and what it can do. Once you complete your project and all exams, you will receive a certificate from Digid

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