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I’ll bet you’ve noticed that the certification industry has changed over the past few years. Programs have come, programs have gone. Priorities have changed, new needs have arisen. IT bubbles have inflated gloriously, and popped resoundingly. In short, the industry now, with 2006 just around the corner, is far different from the halcyon days of the late 20th century.


Over the past six years of publication, Certification Magazine has changed as well. Columns have come and gone, issues have been addressed and resolved, designs have changed, and expert authors have shared a wealth of advice in a variety of editorial outlets. No publication can rest on its laurels, especially when it’s designed to track a shifting industry.


Well folks, in the never-to-be-forgotten words of “The Brady Bunch,” when it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange. (You supply the bad singing and hippie-colored costumes.) With this issue of CertMag, we’re updating the style and adding new substance to best reflect the certification industry of today.


Basically, we’ll now focus more heavily on the career aspects of the IT industry and, of course, on the roles certification plays in your professional development and advancement. Each issue will still have three full-length feature articles, but you’ll see more of a career focus within these.


There’s so much more. There’s a new column, Interface, which features interviews with hiring managers and others who’ll discuss the applications and acceptance of IT certifications. We’ve also brought back a column focused on consulting careers, and we’re launching Virtual Village and Data Stream, designed to share news, program updates and online resources.


Here’s the best part: The changes aren’t limited to the print pages. I’d like you to take a minute right after reading this column, put down the print magazine (picking it up later, of course) and visit the new and improved CertMag.com Web site.


We’ve redesigned the site around 14 communities of practice. Each community page includes articles, news, role-specific tools and bonus features. You’ll find our Salary Calculator there to help you determine the average pay scale for comparable professionals in your area. There’salso the Tech Career Compass, a robust certification wizard that can help you determine which credentials best fit your career needs.


We’ve also added a discussion forum to CertMag.com, so you can connect with your certified peers and tap into the boundless resources of a global IT community. Along those lines, check out the new CertScope feature, our turbo-powered search engine that brings targeted results right to your fingertips for the fastest, easiest search of IT-specific information available.


I could go on, but I’d rather you checked it out for yourself. Our editors and designers have worked long and hard on the print and online changes you’ll come to appreciate and rely on, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new CertMag and the improved CertMag.com.


Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director

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