Certification–Five Years Later

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August 1999. Bill Clinton is still president, the economy is still booming, and IT jobs still outnumber IT workers. Times are generally good, with even the tempered fear of Y2K nightmares blossoming into a new Information Age.

Already a 10-year-old industry, certification is suddenly thriving. But despite new programs appearing almost daily, the certification industry still lacks a neutral voice that ties together the needs of certified professionals with those of the program marketers and managers.

September 1999. A new company, MediaTec Publishing Inc., is formed to launch a new magazine to fill that void. With the first cover story on “The Expanding Universe of Certification,” Certification Magazine hit the streets.

September 2004. We’re still here. The IT industry has changed, the IT worker faces new challenges, and the certification industry has seen its share of trials. But it’s still the silver linings that define the dark clouds, and certification is still an integral part of hiring and training practices at progressive companies. Despite job losses and constraints that plague recessionary times, IT workers like you have not only persevered, you’ve reinvented yourselves.

Anniversaries are natural times to re-evaluate, to consider where you’ve been and to ponder where you’re going. This issue of Certification Magazine marks our fifth anniversary, and it’s been an amazing ride. We’ve seen the same lean times you have, and we’ve worked hard to move ahead, just like you have. If you sense a little bit of pride in that, you’re absolutely right, and you’re absolutely right to feel the same when you examine your own path.

We’re celebrating our anniversary with this issue’s cover story, and I hope you’ll be part of the celebration. The party starts on page 22, where our staff editors have pulled together some thoughts on the best and brightest from five years of CertMag. We’re accentuating the positive (I’m not telling you about the time I misspelled certification in a photo caption) in this retrospective, because certification is positive. The dark times don’t define the industry, which is built on perfectly positive principles of education and career advancement. And even if you’re facing tough times in your certified career, dark times don’t define you.

No anniversary is complete without heartfelt appreciation, and you have ours. Over the years, CertMag’s readers have helped us evolve the magazine, both as vocal supporters and occasional critics. We’re continuing to evolve, now with a stronger focus on the technologies, tools and techniques that make you successful certified experts, and your voices remain crucial. As always, your input is welcome at letters@certmag.com.

September 1999 has flown into September 2004. The only thing more amazing than how far we’ve come is how far we’ll go, together.

Tim Sosbe
Editorial Director


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