Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

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Wireless networking technologies are booming in every conceivable way, but no single wireless topic strikes fear—or attracts interest—like that of wireless security. That’s why the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) program’s Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) certification is attracting so much attention among IT and infosec professionals alike. The CWSP aims to ensure that educated networking professionals understand the potential vulnerabilities and exposures that inhere to wireless networking, and how to implement the many and varied safeguards necessary to offset, mitigate, or eliminate them.


The entry-level credential in the CWNP program—namely, the Certified Wireless Network Administrator—is the primary prerequisite for this credential. The program’s creators also recommend that candidates obtain either the CompTIA Security+ or the Security Certified Professional program’s Security Certified Network Professional (SCNP) certification to make sure they have a strong foundation in security fundamentals and concepts before tackling the CWSP.


Above and beyond the basics of wireless LAN technology, terminology, concepts, operation and administration, this credential concentrates on educating professionals about security threats and exposures for wireless networks, and how to deal with them to make such networks as secure as possible. Thus, the primary focus of the CWSP is to explore and explain the various components of a networking environment from a security perspective—including how various types of hardware, software, protocols, procedures, policies, and design techniques can be used to offset or reduce potential wireless LAN security risks. The exam places equal emphasis on wireless LAN intrusion detection tools and techniques; designing, implementing and maintaining wireless LAN security policy; and on understanding and applying appropriate wireless LAN security solutions.



The CWSP exam is available through Prometric Testing (http://www.2test.com), exam code PW0-200, and costs $175. The CWNP program also certifies authorized training providers who can teach the official curriculum for this certification; study guides on their certifications are available from Osborne/McGraw-Hill (and soon, from other publishers as well).



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