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Our April issue featured an article on the energy and resource conservation movement within IT, sporting the eye-catching headline “Cert Goes Green.” The cover received an interesting response from one reader, Anita Stark. She wrote:

“Please go green! If you’re really interested in going green, shouldn’t you be encouraging people to switch to online instead of print?”

Anita’s timing in sending this note could not have been better. As it happened, we here at MediaTec had recently decided to discontinue the print edition of the magazine, starting with the July issue. We’ll still be turning out a digital edition of Certification, but the main home of the magazine will now be our Web site: www.certmag.com. Our Web site has been a tremendous success for some time now, and we’ve seen that our readership — IT professionals and those who employ them — is most present online, so we will be concentrating our efforts there.

As for this issue, yes, you hold in your hand the final print edition of Certification. The magazine has existed in print form since fall 1999, emerging during the dot-com boom, weathering the subsequent bust and rallying along with the recovery. We’ve seen a lot of changes to our formula, style and content over the years, and our move to going all digital feels like the logical conclusion of that evolution. Going forward, we’ll continue to cover the cert market, as well as provide valuable IT career guidance to professionals at all levels. But we’ll also be expanding the scope of the magazine to look at where IT converges with the world and culture at large, something we’ve at times touched on in our content but never really devoted ourselves toward. These changes will make for the strongest Cert yet. So be sure to set your browser to our URL and watch for our digital edition every month.

Daniel Margolis
Managing Editor

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Daniel Margolis


Daniel Margolis is a longtime professional writer and editor. Daniel was managing editor of Certification Magazine from 2006 to 2012.

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