Two “Game-Changing” Application Security Releases

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<p><strong>Santa Clara, Calif. &mdash; July 26</strong><br />Cenzic, a provider of application security assessment and risk-management solutions, has released a new version of the company&#39;s flagship product line, Cenzic Hailstorm Enterprise ARC (Application Risk Controller) 5.0 and the latest edition of the company&#39;s managed service, ClickToSecure ARC, representing the only true application risk-management &quot;superset&quot; in the industry.<br /><br />This announcement marks the first time Hailstorm ARC has been made available as a managed service, and it also introduces the latest release of Hailstorm Enterprise ARC. </p><p>New features include integration of the key vulnerability information from other sources such as SPI Dynamics<br />(being acquired by HP), Watchfire (being acquired by IBM), Fortify and Manual Pen Testing solutions. </p><p>The new release will also include seamless integration with Fortify&#39;s Source Code Analyzer. </p><p>In addition, the enhanced managed service solution, ClickToSecure ARC, now offers an intelligent uber-dashboard to Cenzic&#39;s SaaS customers, allowing them the ability to outsource security testing to Cenzic while getting a comprehensive view of application security status with actionable information from a central console.<br /><br />&quot;During the testing process, we looked at the product offerings from Cenzic and other companies,&quot; said Andrew Wing, Teranet systems architect. &quot;We chose Cenzic Hailstorm ARC because of its outstanding enterprise risk management capabilities, ease of use through its dynamic<br />and intelligent dashboard and reports, the flexibility of the solution, the excellent support team and, most importantly, the product produced significantly less false positives compared to the competition while finding more vulnerabilities.&quot;<br /><br />The rate at which applications are being developed and updated in today&#39;s organizations is staggering. </p><p>Web application security measures generally target testing across the software development life cycle (SDLC), but there are a significantly larger number of deployed applications in the production environment. </p><p>Many of the Web applications in use today were deployed without testing, which leaves corporations and their customers vulnerable to attacks. </p><p>Hailstorm Enterprise ARC 5.0 and ClickToSecure ARC are designed to address not only Web application vulnerabilities across the SDLC but also to help with continuous testing in the production stage, an area that can easily make organizations vulnerable to attacks.<br /><br />&quot;We are very excited about this new Hailstorm ARC release, which provides a holistic view of application security risk by bringing information from all major solutions together in one place,&quot; John Weinschenk,<br />Cenzic CEO, said. &quot;Many companies are using multiple solutions, including commercial tools, open-source tools, internal testing and external penetration testing for application security. </p><p>&quot;With information dispersed in various parts of the organization, it&#39;s very hard for CIOs and CISOs to understand, measure and manage their application security posture. By providing a complete view at their finger tips while allowing continuous testing from development to production stages, Cenzic&#39;s new releases will make the process of securing applications much smoother and more efficient.&quot;</p>

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