CELT Receives European E-Learning Award

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London-based business consultancy, PHM’s Content Editing and Localization Tool (CELT) has been awarded the European E-Learning Award 2008 for Best Practice in E-Learning at CeBit in Hanover, Germany. In making the award, the jury — led by Professor Peter A. Henning — emphasized that the award specifically recognized the CELT technology and its process that allows the fast and efficient content adaptation of multinational applications.

This has been exemplified by the successful implementation of a number of versions of centrally developed e-learning courses deployed with the help of the CELT service and process that enable users to translate and localize a SCORM-compliant e-learning course by accessing the course files through an online portal.

CELT not only uses an innovative process for translation and localization that provides instant feedback and requires little project management, but also facilitates time and cost-efficient market adaptations of Flash-built e-learning courses for multinational and multilingual applications.

Hosted on an online Web site, CELT is accessible anywhere and anytime. Editing is intuitive, using an interface similar to most Windows and MS Office applications.

Currently, CELT has translated and localized more than 160 versions of eight different e-learning courses developed by PHM. The tool supports all European languages, including Russian, and is in the process of being upgraded to five Asian languages. Importantly, it is also provides a spell-checker. Its use requires a minimum amount of training, a one-hour introduction via WebEx, coupled with assistance if required via e-mail and telephone are sufficient to produce some impressive results in the localization of the e-learning material.

Ford of Europe, which is championing the use of CELT, has used the technology with great success to deliver product knowledge learning materials for the new Ford Mondeo in 19 languages covering 24 market versions. Moreover, the whole exercise was completed in time to train Ford dealership staff throughout Europe in time for the model’s launch.

Savings in terms of time and costs — compared with the previous method of preparing and disseminating similar information — have been estimated at 25 percent.

Peter Hookham-Miller, managing director and founder of PHM Group explained: “CELT has been developed to deliver market-specific e-learning courses within time and budget. The great response we received from our clients using this adaptation process is encouraging us to continue the research and development of applications that allow Europe-wide deployment of communication and training tools.”

PHM is providing CELT as a service for other companies to use to translate and localize their own courses.

Hookham-Miller added: “We also intend to continue to improve CELT through customer feedback and our own requirements. These improvements will include the localization of animated text and audio files, the automated export of SCORM-compliant course packages and adding a simple authoring tool.” 

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