Celona Technologies Appoints New CEO

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Celona Technologies, the data migration specialist, are making great strides in fast becoming the industry leader in the new generation of application data migration platforms. Celona delivers migrations with zero downtime and allows the business to choose which type of migration best suits their needs. It has appointed Charles Andrews as its new CEO to help aggressively build Celona&rsquo;s customer-facing sales, support activities, as well as to develop its industry-leading application data migration software.<br /> <br />Charles Andrews has nearly 20 years experience in the IT industry driving innovative commercial and technology solutions to customers and building alliances and partnerships. He joins Celona from IBM, where he was an executive in Global Technology Services, with focus on the telecommunications sector. He led the solution development and commercial negotiations in a number of large outsource engagements for IBM. Prior to IBM, Charles was the sales director at Sun Microsystems in the U.K., with responsibility for delivering product and service revenues. Under his leadership, the U.K. sales team made one of the largest deals outside of the U.S. containing a whole portfolio of servers, storage, software and services. He was at Sun for 14 years in a number of sales, alliance and technical leadership roles in the U.K. and EMEA organization. He was recognized as Worldwide Sales Leader by Sun in 2004.<br /> <br />Tony Sceales, Celona&rsquo;s CTO said, &ldquo;We have been looking for someone with Charles&rsquo; experience to help Celona expand its client base as well as build on its existing portfolio. We plan to grow our product and service offering, introduce Celona Evolve to the global market and increase our market share within the U.K. 2008 will be an exciting year for Celona, and we know with Charles at the helm, Celona will be the number one choice for data migration solutions.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Charles Andrews said: &ldquo;It is an exciting time to join Celona; with the recent funding they have received, I can use my experience and knowledge to help customers solve their data migration problems, drive Celona&rsquo;s market share and to provide the industry with a leading data migration solution. Many companies across many industry sectors are now noticing Celona and the benefits its products can bring to them as transformation is no longer an option, but a business imperative. Celona can meet this challenge.&rdquo;<br /> <br />Celona&rsquo;s Evolve product enables enterprises to transform the software platforms which manage their operations without affecting customer service. Through its Evolve application software, Celona puts the business in control over the migration from legacy systems to next generation software platforms, keeps data available to operations throughout the process and dramatically lowers the risk of failure. <br />

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