CE PRO Magazine Names PPC Locking HDMI Cable Top Five Product

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East Syracuse, N.Y.
PPC, a designer and manufacturer of connectors for the telecommunications, satellite and wireless industries, with the most patents in connector technology worldwide, announced that the PPC Locking HDMI has been chosen by CE Pro Magazine as one of “5 Cheap Products to Make Your Installs Easier.”

Consumer electronics, A/V and home theater installers come across problems installing even the most basic elements, such as HDMI connectivity and remote controls. To help them improve installs without breaking the bank, CE Pro Magazine rounded-up the top five low-cost products in the April 13 issue.

Robert Archer of CE Pro said, “There’s no way around the fact that digital technologies are only going to get bigger in the world of A/V and that HDMI will be a major part of the growth. One of HDMI’s major faults, however, is that its connector is poorly designed and it’s been known to slip out of an input or output for no reason.

“PPC’s Locking HDMI Cable incorporates the company’s proprietary technology that holds the cable in a source and display’s output and inputs. The cable is capable of carrying uncompressed audio and 1080p A/V signals and the company offers the cable in 3-, 6- and 12-foot lengths at prices ranging from $49 to $73.”

Best HDTV Experience
PPC’s Locking HDMI Cable provides a connection between any audio/video source (set-top box, DVD player, A/V receiver, HDTV, etc.) over a single cable. The PPC Locking HDMI Cable features exclusive patented technology to hold it onto a port three times stronger than conventional cables. The PPC cable minimizes loosening and fall-out, thereby providing the most reliable, highest quality, pure HDTV video resolution and digital audio quality that customers expect.

PPC’s Locking HDMI Cable delivers true 1080p with no adapter or additional hardware needed. Its professional grade status ensures customers are getting the highest picture quality available. Easy to install, The PPC HDMI Locking Cable’s strong and durable cable provides push button operation and easy installation, with no tools required to install.

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