CCL Experts Say Leaders Shouldn’t be Shy

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<p><strong>Greensboro, N.C. &mdash; Aug. 29</strong><br />You have correctly analyzed the problem that was costing your company time and money. Your team devised a solution and executed it brilliantly, working overtime for weeks to get your company back on track. </p><p>So why isn&rsquo;t anyone patting you on the back for a job well done? Probably because no one up the ladder knows that it was you and your team who pulled off this miracle.</p><p>&ldquo;If you don&rsquo;t speak up about your own accomplishments, who will?&rdquo; said Gina-Hernez Broome, a researcher at the Center for Creative Leadership, an executive training center that conducts research on leadership issues. &ldquo;Self-promotion is essential if you want to gain visibility and communicate value for you and your team. It is also essential to being an effective leader.</p><p>&ldquo;Recognition is the reward we all seek for our hard work. Eliminate recognition, and you eliminate the incentive to go the extra mile.&rdquo;</p><p>But how do you generate personal visibility without bragging, showing off or selling out?  </p><p>Hernez-Broome, Cindy McLaughlin and Stephanie Trovas from the Center for Creative Leadership have published “Selling Yourself Without Selling Out: A Leader&#39;s Guide to Ethical Self-Promotion,” which addresses this delicate balance.</p><p>The authors&rsquo; research confirms what we all suspect intuitively: Many leaders feel uncomfortable with self-promotion. </p><p>Surveys conducted by the authors showed leaders think that good work should sell itself. But, the authors say, simply doing good  work is usually not enough &mdash; creating visibility for yourself and your group is part of your job. </p><p>It is a key to effectiveness and long-term success. </p><p>&ldquo;When approached with authenticity and integrity, self-promotion helps to build the valuable social capital needed to accomplish your desired business outcomes,&rdquo; Hernez-Broome said.  <br />    <br />To feel more comfortable with self promotion, leaders need to understand the common barriers or beliefs that limit effective self-promotion, the authors say. </p><p>To develop strong, effective self-promotional skills, leaders need to find the sweet spot between bragging and being overly modest. </p><p>To do so, stay focused on the value of the work &mdash; by focusing on the work itself, you will not go overboard with bragging, nor will your hesitancy to be in the spotlight become a liability. </p><p>Like or not, the key to your success is determined as much by how well you promote your work and your teams&rsquo; work as by the quality of your work. Self-promotion is a vital component to your effectiveness and long-term success.</p>

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